Back roads

Traveling on a defined path at a fast pace...looking straight ahead towards point 'B', I forget the uncertainty of the world around me. I look to my right to find a choice, a new see you must slow down...will I take this new option? Where will this lead me? Back into the uncertainty of which lettered end point I will be hurtling myself towards next.  I see infinite roads less traveled...each glistening with possibility.  At times dark and shadowed, the path seems to abruptly I to jump? Will I move past the block in front of me? What details will I discover when I look down to find my steps? My travels can be drawn as a grid, a timeline of moments forming an interconnected web of questions seeking answers.  I find myself with this map...discovering my way...all the while pencil in hand etching more lines forward.  These back roads are the moments where I hold my breath, close my eyes and take a step into the unknown.  This is my path.